Orongo Bay Homestead


Guests who appreciate the tradition and quiet of our historic-listed Homestead tend to “get” what we do and enjoy our understated approach. (Link to Trip Advisor)

Check BMW Magazine: BMW Cuisine Story

In other words:

“one of those special places where Mother Nature said ‘Stop.  I’ve got it! It’s absolutely perfect’” – Chuck Henry, NBC-TV Travel Café

“…a haven! We came to stay when we needed to find peace, cosseting & lovely people” – Thelma Barlow, Granada Television Coronation Street (UK)

“I feel restored” – Liz Mitchell, Academy Awards couturier

“great hosts, great beds, great place!” – Roger Donaldson, film director

“suble, sexy and stunning” – Peta Mathias, television food celebrity

“special and precious.. I feel fully restored to face the rigours of the opera world once more!” – Helen Medlyn, international mezzo-soprano

“with gratitude for my stay as Ambassador to Paradise” – Her Excellency, U.S. Ambassador Carol Moseley-Braun

“the rest of the world quickly melts away… the point of comparison for food is New York’s Waldorf Astoria. Orongo Bay Homestead has perfected the art” – Air New Zealand magazine

“a peaceful retreat cleverly combined with good food for the soul… every whim was catered for” – Suzy Aiken, TV news anchor, Australia

“a top-of-the-range, exclusive retreat” – House & Garden magazine

“far more than excellent food and an impressive wine list. It’s not surprising that Joanna Lumley, has sent her friends to stay” – Cuisine Magazine

“a near-perfect blend of location, hospitality and especially food” – Metro Magazine (reviewed: 4 out of 5 stars)

“a luxury retreat…Michael performs culinary magic…Chris spoils you rotten” – Gourmet Traveller

“all the niceties to be found in a 5-star hotel” – Sunday Star Times

“little details are what makes the ambience special….magnificent gardens… gorgeous views” – Cleo Magazine