Orongo Bay Homestead


The Pacific Room

Inspired by the tones and moods of the mighty Pacific Ocean which caresses the eastern coast of New Zealand, our stunning, lofty Pacific Room offers you a warm welcome. Decor draws from our unique location, on a sheltered bay and in a soothing organic environment.

The Pacific Room features warm tones of nature, initmate lighting design, and CD/DVD player with surround sound and high-quality speakers and monitor.

Guests in this tranquil haven enjoy countryside views and a feeling of being among the treetops, looking over the Homestead pond which is filled by a natural spring and home to our rare and protected Teal Ducks.

In addition to our plush bed and bath linens, our designers have looked to Pacific Tapa and sea shells to seal the tone of this idyllic haven in which to relax and unwind.

Enjoy your airy lookout, at the top of our natural cedar building which lies on the wildlife pond behind the Homestead.

Bookings and Availability for the Pacific Room